Working with Martin is a joy, it really is.

The infuriating thing about Martin is that he will get his sides, like he’ll get his script, and he’ll say ‘right, go over it with me’, and he’ll read it once, he’ll read it twice, and then he’ll say ‘test me’, and he’ll know his lines verbatim. It’s so infuriating because it takes me quite a while to learn lines, but he just knows them straight away.

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I’m sure that Mrs. Hudson’s husband committed a great number of crimes in order to get sentenced to death. From the way she flinches when Sherlock slams his hands on the table, I’d say it’s safe to bet that one of his many crimes was spousal abuse.

That would certainly account for why Sherlock ensured his execution.

And why Sherlock got so enraged when he saw that she had been hurt

And why she acted as if she were perfectly fine when she was hurt. 

wow can we not 

And why she was able to remain calm and still sneak the phone out and why Sherlock knew she would be okay despite John’s worrying - because she’s been through worse and persevered. 

And why he didn’t want her to leave England. He wouldn’t be able to keep an eye out on her.

And why he got so mad at Mycroft for telling her to shut up because her husband also abused her verbally.

My feels….

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